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100% Imported from Japan

Worldwide Patented Fiber

High technology fabric material

AULORA PANTS with       
KODENSHI® is design,
clinical test, and manufactured
in Japan with J-Quality
ISO:9001 quality certificate.

using material that is patented in
more than 10 countries.

Made by comfortable and elastic fabric
88.4% Nylon (KODENSHI® fiber) and
11.6% Polyurethane. It is breathable
and smooth.

No.1 Brand of Wellness Pants In Malaysia

State-of-the-art Technology of KODENSHI® Fiber

Using state-of-the-art technology to integrate ultra-fine ceramics (diameter 0.3μm) into fiber to enhance the absorption of far infrared rays.

The warmth of the pants is comfortable and natural as it comes from the wearer’s body temperature.

Kodenshi® fiber absorbs the body temperature of the wearer, and then releases the far infrared (body temperature) to the body, thus the user feels comfortable and warm.


A Wellness Concept That Keeps You Warm & In-style.



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Come to have a look how users solved their health problems by just wearing the AULORA PANTS with KODENSHI®.

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Due to the technology of Aulora pants, machine wash is not recommended due to the possible damage of other material. Only hand wash with cold water and hang it to dry.

No. Our technology fiber will follow the audience body shape. It regardless how you wear and how long you wear.

Yes, AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi® is suitable for all types of sports. You may either wear it on its own or as an inner pants during the activity.

Our sun emits few types of rays and one of the safest and healthiest for our body is the Far Infrared Rays (FIR) which is known to have plenty of good health benefits such as to gently soothe, stimulate, and shape the body. The Kodenshi® material contains tiny ceramic particles and, in that particles, there are FIR energy and when this material come in contact with the skin the wearer can immediately feel the warmth and comfort.